When people become fathers and mothers, it is common to leave behind many of the activities and pursuits that were cherished before the baby was born. Think sports with the cronies, social shindigs with the gals, that new start-up enterprise, that strenuous house project, and plans for impressive travels. While somewhat surprising, this break in activities and interests is routine for new dads and moms. But, activities and pursuits unquestionably are important in the long run.

Therefore, it is crucial to pursue parent-child activities and excursions that are equally preferable to the kid and the father or mother. These evenly likable things to do will result in three outcomes: first, that the fathers and mothers will be more upbeat and more happy; second, that the kids will soak up and experience new things; and third, that non-parent friends might in fact desire to come along with the parents for the activity.

The rodeo makes me proud to be an American. (Ignore that we transported the rodeo from Spain and Mexico and that my satisfaction is based totally on loving John Wayne Western films.) Sidelining my Hollywood-created pride, the rationale that rodeos are sensational with children is because rodeos are like a Cowboy Derby. And although I may be supporting the cowboys and although my daughter may be supporting the horses and steer, my daughter and I can truly acknowledge the unrivaled degree of amusement from tie-down roping, steer battling, bronco and bull riding, and barrel racing.

Rodeos are children-friendly affairs, and some even host unique family-oriented things to do for numerous hours before the main rodeo events take off, like face-decorating, western-themed play, horse rides, and roping instruction. Naturally, seating location is integral for embracing the rodeo with your small fry. An excellent seating area will be: a) in a row close to the dirt arena, b) around the midpoint of the arena, and c) with a view of the chutes from which riders and animals enter.

Further, do not fail to remember the amusement of acting the part at a rodeo. If you have always wanted to don a John Deere trucker cap or if your little one has wanted to display some rancher boots, now is your time to do it.

To conclude, paying close attention to cowboy superstitions with your tyke can be a recreation in itself. For reasons of bad luck, it is unimaginable that you will see any riders wearing yellow, wearing matching socks, with an unshaven face, or kicking any empty cups. If you do, that fellow is going to take a beating, plain and simple. So here’s to rodeos, an American tradition. Go, America.